Psychiatric Evaluation
Each patient is given a thorough psychiatric evaluation and recommendations are made regarding further evaluations, medications and therapy. The initial evaluation consists of at least one 1-hour appointment.


Psychiatric Medication Management

If medication is deemed appropriate for a patient, medication management is provided either in conjunction with therapy or on its own.  Medication management appointments without therapy are 20-25 minutes.


Individual Psychotherapy

This therapy is based on a collaborative effort between a therapist and patient and is designed to provide the relief of symptoms, insight into conflicts, and improve the mental health and overall functioning of a patient in interpersonal, social and occupational areas of life.  Individual psychotherapy sessions with or without medication management are typically 45- 50 minutes.


Couples Therapy

This type of therapy focuses on the relationship between two people and pattern of interactions while considering the individual history of each person. These sessions are typically 45-50 minutes.